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Coir Pith or Coco Peat is the byproduct extracted from the coconut husk after the fiber is removed. A product that was once burned as waste material, is used as a major component in potting soil due to it’s high water and nutrient retention capacity, while also providing optimum aeration for the plants.

Best Applied at

Seed Raising

The germinating seeds require maximum moisture and all the essential nutrients. Coco Peat thus act as the best-growing medium for the seed raising by meeting all the moisture and nutrient requirements of the germinating seeds.

Hydroponic cultivation

Hydroponics is a soil-less farming technique; Coco peat has an outstanding water and air retention capacity, therefore allowing enough access of oxygen to roots even when watered just a little with a nutrient solution. Its anti-fungal properties also help to get rid of soil-borne diseases, hence curbing the use of pesticides.

Horticulture / Floriculture

Coco peat is extensively used in greenhouses and nurseries as growbags or open-tops (easy planters). This facilitates easy direct addition of liquid nutrients and drainage. Plants and crops are perennially grown in greenhouses, and the cocos helps in a higher yield rate. This method is largely used for berries, cucumber, capsicum, and tomatoes. These growbags or easy planters are also used in floriculture.

Mushroom Casing

Coco peat, whether used by itself or in a blend with black peat, is a remarkable medium for mushroom casing. Using coconut coir in the substrate results in optimum mycelial growth, and lesser time will be required for primordia initiation.


Coco peat can also be used as an absorbent as it has a multitude of applications. In a mixture with coconut fiber can be used for animal bedding which can later be used as a manure. Coir Pith has a high moisture retention and absorption capacity, hence they are used as an absorbent of oil and chemicals in different industries. It is also used for air and water filtration.

Soil Conditioner

The soil is the most important part in the plant growth. Coco peat, husk chips and many of our products provide a lifelong conditioning of the soil thus helps in providing the plant with all essential nutrients required for their sustainable growth.